How does Diagmyskin work?

Diagmyskin method
The new generation of skin diagnostics

How your diagnosis will take place?

Your beauty partner establishes, with you, a caring and short pre-diagnosis to determine your preferences and concerns.
He carries out your skin diagnosis skin diagnosisin 3 steps:

  • N°1 Preparation of skin surfaces to be tested 
  • N°2 Nutri test 
  • N°3 Hydro test

Recommended action and suitable products

It is necessary to regularly test its evolution, in order to adapt your skincare routine, both in terms of cosmetic products and lifestyle. Diagmyskin and your beauty partner will be able, thanks to a personalized skin diagnosis and attentive listening to your concerns, to provide you with perfectly suitable advice.


With Diagmyskin
Discover the true nature of your skin!

Fast and safe, our skin diagnostics provide immediate results.

  • A gentle application on skin surface, confidently with your beauty partner.
  • A simple method, with no device.
  • A care prescription based on physiological needs.


A proven skin diagnostic method

  • An immediate revelation of results
  • Your experience and a new test validate the recommendations (provided that you follow the prescribed skincare routine, of course!)
  • Customers and partners have shared their experience, come and tell us about yours.