Why use our skin diagnosis?

Making a skin diagnosis allows you to better understand the needs of your skin. In order to know which skincare routine to adopt, it seems useful to recognize the nature of your skin or your skin type… Do you have normal, oily, combination or dry skin?


A personalized diagnosis,
efficient and immediate

Your skin is unique: its needs may change over the course of life, the seasons, your lifestyle, your diet, possible treatments or even hormonal changes. The nature of your skin can thus be disturbed by other conditions, sometimes occasional. Is your skin dehydrated or sensitive? Do you have mature skin?

It is necessary to regularly test its evolution, in order to adapt your skincare routine, both in terms of cosmetic products and lifestyle. Diagmyskin and your beauty partner will be able, thanks to a personalized skin diagnosis and attentive listening to your concerns, to provide you with perfectly suitable advice.