Our offers

Diagmyskin products, intended for beauty professionals,
can be ordered in 2 references : Starter Kit or Restocking Kit..

When you place your first order, you will only be able to order the Starter Kit,,
which includes all the necessary material to start your business with Diagmyskin.

Your subsequent orders will allow you to order the Restocking Kit,,
to continue your partnership with the brand.

Your Starter Kit

Starter Kit

  • N°1 Starter X3 64€ HT
  • N°2 Nutri-test X3 64€ HT
  • N°3 Hydro-test X3 64€ HT
  • Display and poster FREE
  • 150 advice cards FREE
  • 500 cotton pads OFFERED
  • Training Vidéo OFFERED
  • Additional displayx1 37.40€ HT

192 € HT


Your Restocking Kit

Restocking Kit

  • N°1 Starter x1
  • N°2 Nutri-test x1
  • N°3 Hydro-test x1
  • 50 Advice cards FREE

64 € HT


FAQ - The most common questions

Who can order Diagmyskin ?

The information on the Diagmyskin website is intended for everyone, but only beauty professionals (beauty salons, pharmacies) can place orders for diagnosis.

Why offer Diagmyskin skin diagnostics ?

Diagmyskin skin diagnosis allow you to better understand your customers' needs, strengthen your relationship and ease your sales.

What are the contraindications of Diagmyskin ?

Before performing a skin diagnosis, ask your client if she has any skin problems, known allergic conditions or is pregnant. If so, it is best to recommend to seek medical advice. For your information, Diagmyskin tests do not contain iodine.

Diagmyskin,  for whom?

The Diagmyskin skin diagnosis is suitable for all skin types and allows you to know the sebum and hydration levels of the skin, at the precise moment you perform the tests.

What are the advantages for my client ?

A safe, effective, precise and personalized method. Diagmyskin strengthens the relationship of trust between consumers and professionals, and enhances the choice of care provider. The consumer feels taken into consideration and the object of a benevolent attention, for a real beauty and well-being experience. This service is offered for free, or for a small fee, and allows the consumer to see the effectiveness of the advised treatments.

What are the advantages for me?

A simple and exclusive method that enhances your expertise and allows you to increase your sales while building trust. Diagmyskin proposes a benevolent approach, which does not play on complexity, technology or fear to sell. Regularly performing diagnosis also creates customer loyalty as they return regularly to see the progress of their skin, the evolution and the effectiveness of the treatment. You keep control of your proposals, your contact with your customers and your costs. The tests are sold to professionals only, at preferential rates. Your sales representative will inform you of the conditions for obtaining the numerous tools and promotions.

I am a student in aesthetics,  what are my advantages?

As a student, you benefit from specific rates and conditions.

How do I placee an order ?

To place your first order, you must first create a customer account.

How do I know if Diagmyskin works ?

What better proof than the testimonials of other convinced professionals to convince you? To find out, visit the page.

How do I create my account ?

Click here to create your account.

What type of order should I choose ?

If you are ordering for the first time, it is necessary to order the "Starter Kit". If you are already a Diagmyskin customer, you can choose the "Restocking Kit".

How do I reset my password ?

When you want to log in to your account, click on "Forgot your password". Then enter your email address to receive an email resetting your password.

How do I change my account information ?

Go to your personal account and select the information you wish to change.

How do I cancel or change my order ?

It is possible to cancel or modify an order if it has not yet been picked up by the carrier. If, in the "My Orders" section, the order is being processed, contact our customer service by e-mail at (contact@diagmyskin.com).

The order I received isincomplete or erroneous.

Contact our customer service by mail at (contact@diagmyskin.com).