Diagmyskin is a partner for beauty professionals.

Diagmyskin supports and assists beauty professionals in their daily practice.

Your customers have real expectations in terms of knowledge of their skin and want individual recommendations..

With Diagmyskin, skin diagnosis becomes fun and visual and the advice is precise and personalized.

your expertise is strengthened and the care
perfectly adapted.

Your customers
convinced and seduced:

  • Visible and fast results.
  • An effective and fun animation :
    a very visual color variation.
  • A soft gesture, without complex medical accessories.

Diagmyskin a major
professional method :

  • Accelerates sales by 30%.
  • Stimulates aesthetic services: +20%.
  • Adds value to your know-how : expert understanding
    of your clients' needs.
  • Validates the relevance of your advice andbuilds customer loyalty..
  • Supports your employees in advising customers..

Diagmyskin is your partner in success.

Diagmyskin, a trusted partner, provides you withefficient and relevant tools, to meet all your support needs. Diagmyskin offers you the means to quickly and easily reach your sales development (products and services) and customer loyalty objectives.


Our display stand, with its wooden base and double-sided display system, wasdesigned to make your life easier! !

  • The front side explains the steps of the method, highlights the products and allows an immediate reading of the results.
  • The reverse side draws your customers' attention to the skin diagnosis offered in your point of sale. Its quality and sturdiness make it mobile and allow you to perform skin diagnostics, on a long-term basis.

Advice sheet

The Diagmyskin advice sheet helps you formalize your skin diagnosis and present your analysis and recommendations. It offers a concrete and personalized assessment, which is highly appreciated by consumers. Your professional expertise is validated and reinforced.


Diagmyskin has created videos to help you practice skin diagnosis, better understand the brand and eventually present it to your clients. You can watch these videos here.


Diagmyskin establishes a strong brand presence in all relevant media.
A dialogue with you and consumers, which supports you on a daily basis and reinforces your message.

  • A communication towards professionals (Nouvelles Esthétiques, Facebook, etc.).
  • A conversation with consumers, through social networks and the website, in order to constantly improve our knowledge of their needs.