Diagmyskin philosophy

The secret to great skin lies, above all, in using the right products. The cosmetic offer is wide and many purchased cosmetics end up in the trash. The reasons for this waste? Inappropriate care!
Improper skin care, textures or fragrances that are not suitable, can cause skin reactions or just be ineffective. Our skin is precious and must be preserved, it constitutes our main protection against external aggressions.


Many people wonder about their skin's needs and have problems in finding a real answer.
These insights and the desire to offer a simple solution to these multiple requirements lead to the creation, in 2020, of the Diagmyskin method.
The brand's mission is to allow everyone to receive the ideal beauty advice, from expert professionals, in order to find the right care.
DIAGMYSKIN offers you to reveal the true nature of your skin, simply.

A gentle and mindful unisex method 

Personalized, efficient and immediate 

Caring and safe