Winter skin

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The right gestures

 In the long term, a pronounced state of dryness and dehydration can lead to real pathologies, such as dermatitis. It is therefore necessary to care for the skin on a daily basis, the main objective being to maintain or restore the skin's protective lipidic layer and to provide it with active ingredients that enable it to retain its natural moisture. Oil-in-water formulas are best used in the morning, while water-in-oil or pure oil formulas, which are richer, are better suited to the evening. But don't wait until you feel discomfort and tightness: taking care of dry, dehydrated skin should be a daily concern.

 When removing makeup with cleansing milk, prefer to rinse with clear water or mineral water, if the water is hard, rather than with a classic toner. Specific toners for dry and dehydrated skin can be interesting, with their moisturizing or relipidizing active ingredients. On the face, before the cream, you can apply these "complementary" products which will bring a supplement of active ingredients, such as ceramides, lanolin, vegetable glycerin, fatty acid derivatives, hyaluronic acid, etc. This adapted beauty routine will allow you to regain a comfortable skin. You will be able to lighten and adapt your skin care routine according to your feelings, the appearance of your skin and the season.

Is uncomfortable skin always dry?

If you experience occasional tightness, your skin is probably dehydrated. This can happen regardless of your skin type (it is possible to have oily skin AND dehydrated skin, for example). In the same way, a so-called sensitive skin is not a skin type, but a specific condition. Sensitive skin is skin that reacts very quickly: itching, tightness, redness, cheeks that "heat up" to external aggressions such as the sun, cold, wind, pollution or water that is too hard.

Some tips to avoid these unpleasant sensations:

- Protect yourself from external aggressions
- Avoid regular or abrasive scrubs
- Choose your make-up carefully
- Hydrate by drinking enough water

Diet also plays an important role in the condition of your skin: it is strongly recommended to adopt a balanced diet. Stress, lack of sleep or hormonal factors can also be sources of imbalance and lead to reactive skin. Finally, whatever the nature of your skin, the most important thing is of course to find the right care products!