How do you know if you have sensitive skin?

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Sensitivity is a skin condition: sensitive skin can be dry or oily. It is a fragile skin that over-reacts. This condition is most often caused by an imbalance in the hydrolipidic film and a disturbance in microcirculation.

How to know if you are concerned? Do you have thin skin that tends to redden quickly? Do you often experience feelings of heating or burning on certain areas of the face? Does the cold, heat, sun or certain skin care products trigger redness and feelings of discomfort?
If you answer yes to all the questions, you probably have sensitive skin!

To avoid these unpleasant and unsightly reactions, protect yourself from extreme weather conditions, avoid exposure to the sun (or protect yourself if you can't avoid it) and adopt an appropriate skin care routine.

The solutions lie in gentle care and treatments that decongest, protect, moisturize and soothe.