And fall is here!

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As we all know, autumn is a time of transition, during which we need to prepare our skin before the big cold.
This preparation is crucial; to each time its care!
The climate variations in autumn have a negative impact on our skin, which has difficulty adapting naturally. Not to mention the indoor heating which dries out the air and dehydrates the skin or our ill-adapted skin care products...

How can we improve our routine?

In autumn, the skin's metabolism slows down and blood circulation becomes slower. The epidermis goes on standby, which slows down cell renewal. It is therefore important to help your skin by choosing lipid-rich skin care products to really relieve dry skin and by adopting good habits.

- To help remove dead skin and impurities that are choking your skin, incorporating a gentle exfoliator into your skin care routine is a good solution. Used once or twice a week, it helps to tighten the pores of the skin and restore vitality to the complexion.

- Moisturizing and soothing masks provide benefits to gently rehydrate and restore balance. They also improve skin's luminosity and suppleness.

- Preparatory or treatment lotions, enriched with active ingredients, prepare the skin and are an important first step in the daily routine. Moisturizing, soothing or energizing, they help the skin regain its radiance and vitality.

- Serums, with their fine and often watery texture, easily penetrate the epidermis to deliver their benefits immediately and over time. They act in synergy with day or night creams and the effect of skin care products.  

- To maintain hydration, it is important to reinforce the skin's hydrolipidic barrier by nourishing it with lipid-rich products. As the hydrolipidic film thins with age, mature skin will benefit particularly from these products. These products, which are available in different galenic forms (cream or oil), nourish the skin and reinforce its protection effectively.